Our Services


Standard Bath
Services include warm, soapy bath, hand dry, professional brush out and trimming of the nails, expression of the anal glands and cleaning of the ears. *Pricing is based on coat condition and size

  • Small breeds (Chihuahua/Short Hair) - $33.00+
  • Medium Breeds (Jack Russel) - $38.00+
  • Large Breeds - $48.00+
  • Long Hair Breeds (Poodles, Doodles, Newfies) - Consult for pricing

Full Service Grooming
Services include warm, soapy bath, hand dry, professional brush out and trimming of the nails, expression of the anal glands and cleaning of the ears.

  • Small breeds (11 lbs and under)
    Hair cut - $68.00+
    Bath & Tidy - $48.00+
  • Medium Breeds (Scotties, Cockers, Llhasa Apsos)
    Hair cut - $73.00+
    Bath & Tidy - $58.00+
  • Large Breeds (Labs, Border Collies)
    Hair cut - $98.00+
    Bath & Tidy - $78.00+
  • Extra large Breeds (Newfies, Poodles, Saint Bernards, Giant Schnauzers)
    Hair cut - $120.00+
    Bath & Tidy - $88.00+

Add-on service starting at $15.00+ based on size.

Nail Trim
Grinding included $13.00

Oftentimes dematting, due to severity, will require a release of liability form to perform service. Doggie Stylz reserves the right to impose dematting fees when the coat is deemed salvageable without causing harm. You can opt out to keep these fees minimal. We will not demat large areas if we deem services could be painful or tortuous to the pet. Grooming can be as pleasurable for your pet as your own spa day. That is always our goal.

Let’s talk doodles, due to the many variables of the hybrid, all doodles will require consult at check-in. It is very difficult to give a blind quote. Doodles are a cross breed of the poodle and many different breeds so there are many sizes, many coat textures and many unrealistic desires. Doggie Stylz is and will remain a humanity over vanity salon. We will not demat your dog causing pain to gain your desired aesthetic look. We stand firm on this.

Small doodles start at $88.00+ for a full groom, just to give you an idea on pricing. We always recommend having your doodle on a 4 to 6 week grooming regiment to achieve best results and avoid shave. Your groomer can offer you a free brush and comb lesson and advise on proper tools.

Ear Plucking
Ear plucking is controversial. Removing the hair from the canal allows the ears to breathe. Oftentimes if the ear hair is overgrown pet owners do not realize the debris and infection below the clogged canals, once cleaned, will allow ear infection to surface. The plucking of ear hair is recommended for many breeds like the Poodle, Doodle, Bichon and most other breeds that grow soft, curly hair. If you wish to opt out this service it must be noted in your account as we do not take liability for doing our job in removing the hair. We will not reimburse for vet bills due to ear infection. Any questions regarding ear plucking consult with the groomer.

Hair Coloring

  • Patch Color - $20.00+ (Groom head, paws and tail included)
  • Body Art - $35.00+ (Groom included)
  • Hair Color - $30.00+ (Depending on area size, groom included)

Dental And Coat Care

  • Teeth Brushed - $10.00 extra (Brush, dental spray, NO dental scaling)
  • Spaw Package - $20.00 extra (Includes oatmeal shampoo, conditioner and teeth cleaner)
  • V.I.P. Poochie Pamper - $30.00 extra (Oatmeal shampoo/conditioner, teeth/breath spray, paw pad and nose cream, 15 minute massage)

Mud Baths

All Mud Bath packages include 15 minute massage.

  • Shed Safely (Helps with clogged hair follicles, releasing undercoat and removing loose fur) - $30.00+ (Groom included)
  • Soothing Mud (Helps with irritated skin, itchy & scratch, hot spots) - $30.00+ (Groom included)
  • Mobility Mud (Helps with inflammation, tight and sore muscles) - $30.00 extra (Groom Included)

Walk In Service

  • Nails/Grinding - $13.00+
  • Nails/Ears & Anal Glands - $25.00+
  • Anal Glands - $15.00+
  • Ear Cleaning - $10.00+
  • Nail Polish - $10.00+


  • Hair Cut - $98.00+
  • Bath & Tidy - $88.00+
  • Nail Services
    • Nail Trim - $15.00
    • Nail Caps (You provide caps) - $25.00
  • Full Groom - $98.00+